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The Kayak Leash

~ The smart way to pull and anchor your yak or stand up board

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The Kayak Leash

Ocean Kayaking with The Kayak Leash

The Kayak Leash eliminates the bending over, back breaking work of pulling your kayak across sandbars, rocks, docks, and low tide areas.

Custom Colors

The Kayak Leash will customize a leash to match or contrast your kayak or SUP.

The Kayak Leash

~ the ultimate in kayak accessories

Ocean Kayaking

Pull your kayak ashore with ease using The Kayak Leash

What our customers are saying . . .

"What can I say about the last leash you will ever need? . . .Well, just that! These kayak leashes are secure! Not to mention no more straining to lift your kayak since the lanyard is there. If you are worried about the length getting in the way when hoisting in a vehicle or on your trailer, you just grab the handle and wrap the soft woven paracord over your hand to get a close grip to your vessel. Not to mention the customer service is all you could ever wish for."

Trav - Trail Trash Outdoors

"I ordered this as a Valentine's gift for my husband. He loves kayaking and the Seahawks. The leash matched the kayak and the Hawks! Super quality and a very nice, responsive seller. He loved it :-)"


"The Kayak Leash is a great addition for any paddler. They are custom made with all kinds of colors to match your kayak. I bought one for mine and about three weeks later purchased one for my partner as well. We use them every time we head out on an adventure, to tie off to a tree when we stop at springs. The handle helps drag the boat through shallow, sandy bottoms and to attach to each other while stopping for lunch or a nack. The Kayak Leash has been one of my favorite accessories I have purchased for our yaks."

Jess Fitzgerald